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01 May

Ave Maria

[youtube width="425" height="350"]xo7WDNWM8lY[/youtube]

Deanna Durbin and the Vienna Boys Choir (Wiener Sängerknaben) perform the Bach – Gounod setting of Ave Maria and that is what is heard here. This performance was filmed in the fall of 1937 for the movie “Made About Music” when Durbin was 15 years old. The boys choir you see, whose voices was not used in this recording, is the St. Luke’s Choristers from Long Beach, CA. This recording of Ave Maria is wonderfully sung yet does not let us hear the true beauty of her voice that was a precious gift from God.

06 Jan

Ave Maria

[youtube width="425" height="350"]N9ggQnbGOjU[/youtube]

Ave Maria – Bach/Gounod (violin & harp)

25 Dec

Pope Benedict Christmas Blessing. Plea for PEACE

[youtube width="425" height="350"]ZTF_Scq93FE[/youtube]

Pope Benedict’s plea for peace in Syria and the Middle East

06 Sep

Ave Maria

[youtube width="425" height="350"]kQQSW35PrEY[/youtube]

Hayley Westenra – Ave Maria

03 Aug

Soeur Sourire – Dominique

[youtube width="425" height="350"]dqXEW0MET-s[/youtube]

Jeanne-Paule Marie, dominicaine missionnaire au Monastère de Fichermont 1963

08 May

Ave Maria

[youtube width="425" height="350"]_6Qu15k24SA[/youtube]

Schubert’s Ave Maria.
Singer: Andrea Bocelli.

06 Apr

Office des Laudes

[youtube width="425" height="350"]qXsbFt_mSA8&hl[/youtube]

L’office des laudes est célébré par les Fraternités Monastiques de Jérusalem.

06 Mar

Carthusian Chant

[youtube width="425" height="350"]3gRtGU7koX8&NR=1[/youtube]

06 Feb

Gregorian Chant – “Salve Regina”

[youtube width="425" height="350"]d5p_U8J0iRQ[/youtube]

The “Salve Regina” performed by the monks of the Abbey of Notre Dame.

01 Jan

Immaculate Mary – Catholic Hymn for ORGAN SOLO †

[youtube width="425" height="350"]VNnYsnJP9v8[/youtube]

Immaculate Mary – This is a well known and Beloved Hymn of the Catholic Church and for good reason. It is a simple tune and one that will easily be learned after hearing just one verse.

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